Style is not easy, but it is worth while…

A resposta ao que é ESTILO, tem desafiado qualquer fashion aficionado…  Este texto do blog A Suitable Wardrobe, que fala de moda masculina, acredito, discute vários pontos interessantes…


SUNDAY, JULY 25, 2010


Style is not easy. It is about much more than clothes; indeed, quality clothing adds to style but is hardly the most important part of it.

Real style takes time. More time than money, though money can reduce the amount of time style requires. Patronizing a tailor with great taste who will not let you out the door in anything that is less than perfect makes attaining style a lot easier. It is not necesssary though, for, as I wrote, style is not just about quality clothing.

For one thing, style requires clothes that fit. Modest quality perfectly tailored wins points over trousers that are too tight any day. Fit is not hard, but it takes trips to the alterations tailor to ensure that everything is just so. And it takes discipline because all is lost if a man’s weight varies by ten pounds in either direction.

Clothes that fit are hardly stylish if they hang in the closet most of the time. Style takes the effort to dress stylishly every day, without excuse.

Style takes maintenance too. Shoes that are shined and clothes that are pressed for starters. Stuff that takes hours every week.

Style takes a bit of taste as well, for style is understated. Style is a quiet necktie, for example, like the one Cary Grant is wearing in the photo. Grant had style.

Fitted, perfectly maintained and understated clothing has to be accompanied by good grooming too. Unkept hair and nails bitten to the quick are hardly stylish.

Finally, in my opinion, style takes manners. A smile of greeting and a firm handclasp complement our good impression of a man. We are usually too busy looking for the exit to appreciate the dress of someone obnoxious.

Style is not easy, but it is worth while.

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